Immanuel’s Koinonia Mission House

Our mission house provides worry-free, comfortable, safe and convenient housing for ministry, mission or church agency-related groups, families or individuals, who need a place to stay in New York City, while they come for vacation, sabbaticals, or mission events in sharing the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Koinonia House is fully furnished house is open year round and is air-conditioned in the summer and fully heated in the winter. There is no set cost-it is free of charge-and can accommodate from 14 to 40 (utilizing the adjacent Fellowship Hall for large groups). Free will offerings have been made by some guests. These gifts have been re-invested in the Mission House projects, while tithing toward our church Mission Board for outreach. In this way the House serves a dual mission purpose.

If you want to request staying in the Mission House, then please fill out the form below and add what church or organization you are with in the details box before submitting.

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